Goostrey Rose Festival is fortunate to benefit from the continuing support of its Patrons, many of whom are long standing members of the village community and often parents of children who have participated in Rose Day over the years.

In recognition of their support Patrons are entitled to free access to the Rose Festival, two Patron’s badges, and two free raffle tickets as well as having their names mentioned in the Rose Festival Program, the Patrons’ roll call on the day, and on the website and any other associated social media presence. However, some patrons choose to remain anonymous.  

Patrons donate as much as they wish, albeit we currently ask for a minimum of £30 per annum. Patrons can make a donation via bank transfer, cheque or in cash. 

We are most grateful for the support of our Patrons enabling us to continue the long-standing tradition of the Goostrey Rose Festival. If you are interested in supporting the Festival by becoming a Patron, please contact the Goostrey Rose Festival Treasurer, Peter Gomes via e-mail at . 

H Barber

V & J Basford

William Biggs

Christina & Roger Burgess

JD & RA Cartwright

Mr & Mrs M Clapp

Penny & Donal Cronin

Mr & Mrs JC Hopkins

Karen & Chris Jackson

Val Jerman

Jodrell Side WI

Mrs P Jones

Patricia & Richard Jones

Mr & Mrs D Kenyon

Mrs Margaret Kettle

Kasia & Kam Kuprinski

Sue & David Mansfield

Elizabeth Nelson

Janet Ollier

Joyce & Geoff Priddle

A Rawlinson

Pat Roberts

Teresa & Trevor Shuttleworth

Ann & John Thorp

A Turnock

CD & JM Webb

Vicki & Simon Worsley

Louise & Tim Willis

 The remining four Patrons have opted to remain anonymous.